Sunday, October 2, 2011

VIVO-30 Breast Medical

  ** SOLD OUT **

Features :

The Vivo 30 is an advanced and clinically safe respiratory solution, which enables patients to come home. The Vivo 30 provides non-invasive  respiratory support through Pressure Control and Pressure Support modes. Thanks to eSync the Vivo 30 synchronizes smoothly with the patient's breathing pattern.
Thanks to the Minimal Inspiratory Time in PSV mode the Vivo 30 will prevent premature termination of inspiratory pressure. This is important for restrictive patients who may cycle off prematurely.
Thanks to the Maximal Inspiratory Time in PSV mode the Vivo 30 will prevent prolonged inspiratory pressure, to customize therapy and to prevent late cycling off.
Its intuitive user-interface with home and clinical modes allows both the patient and clinician to adjust the desired settings easily and safely.
The attractive and appealing design and logic user interface makes the Vivo 30 an integrated part of any home environment.
Product Specification 

  • Minimal and Maximal Inspiratory Time
  • New improved extensive PC Software 3.0
  • Big and easy to read display with simple menu structure and backlight
  • Big and easy to use buttons with backlight
  • Built-In alarm clock
  • Rear hose swivel connection
  • 3 Ventilation Modes
  • Optional Integrated Heated Humidifier
Price   : Rp 60.000.000,- (IDR)
Condition  : New
Ready Stock.
Guarantee: 1 Year.
Contact Us : 081280588881


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