Tuesday, February 22, 2011

X-ray Film Processor ( Korea)

Type : Tm-300E

Product name: TAEAHN
Type Tm-300E
Origin: South Korea
Category: Automatic Film Processor 
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Film processor ini sudah dipakai banyak rumah sakit karena terkenal "bandel" sangat jarang bermasalah , kuat dan mudah dioprasikan.

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Simple operation

Simply press the power switch and function of TM-300E starts.
Instructions such as setting the processor conditions and presetting data can all be performed easily at the control panel located in front of processor body.
And input data can be verified on the display board to prevent set-up error.

Reliable Transport System

Films are transported by the roller racks in the processing tanks and dryer which are driven by a single drive shaf.
Each rack which is composed soft and hard rollers softly applies a slight tension to transport it smoothly and properly.


1. Deveioping solution is continously circulated to maintain the best activity and more stable temperature by the centurifugal pump.
2. Replenish system is automatically operated in case of inserting films to compensate for used chemistry and when the level in one tank drops.
3. Temperature of developer, fixer and dryer is automatically controlled by the heaters and thermisters installed in each sections.
Transport Type
Continuous roller transport
Processing Time
120/150/180sec.(Speed changeable)
Film sizes
Sheet Film 4" x 4" to 14" x 17"
Roll film 70mm/100mm
Processing Capacity
10" x 12" 88 films/hour
Tank Capacity
Devepoper 6 liter
Fixer 6 liter
Washer 4.5 liter
Processing Temperature
Developing 25~40° C
Fixing 25~40° C
Drging 35~50 °C
Plplenishing Tank
Developer 20 liter
Fixer 20 liter
Washer 20 liter
Peplenishing System
Automatic repienishing by each pumps
when inserting films and low tank level
Overall Sizes
700(IL) x 576(W) x 520(H)
Electric Source
AC 220V x 60Hz x 1ph x 15A
Power Consumption
Stand-by: 0.8kw, Operation:1.5kw
Empty:45kg (lncl.Solution:60kg)

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