Thursday, September 16, 2010

OHMEDA 885-A (Anesthesia Machine)

Brand : Ohmeda.
Condition : Second.Ready Stock.
Price : Rp. 33.000.000,-


- Gas Sources Requires compressed oxygen
-  The Control Head.: Ohmeda 885 A uses four glass flowtubes with ball float
-   Breathing System : designed to support a circle rebreathing circuit (integral to the control head)
-   Safety Mechanisms : Incorporates minimal safety mechanism,so the most important safety mechanism is the anesthetist's vigilance.
-   The Vaporizer : Universal
-   Vaporizer Output Calculation.( without Venitrol calculator or With the venitrol calculator)

The ohmeda 885A is similar to other older models of anesthesia machines,thus most anesthetist can be familiarized on the basic operation quickly, The Ohmeda 885A is Compact,lightweight and simply, but durably constructed . The agent non spesific vaporizer allows the use any common potent agent. Rebreathing allows conservation of agent,oxygen,nitrous oxide,heat and humadity.

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